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5 Holiday Catering Ideas You Consider Before Your Holiday Event

Christmas parties are the reason for the season, and the best part of the parties? The food!

Okay maybe family and friends are the reason for the season, but food is one of the best parts of the holidays!

So, how are you going to feed everyone at your Christmas event?

Your family gets together and the great food starts flying.

Your boss assigns a manager to throw together a holiday party!

Your friends wanna do a Christmas get together.

If you’re needing inspiration or ideas or catering options for your upcoming party or event we want to give you 5 holiday catering ideas from our menu that will inspire you for your event! 

And, if any of these resonate with you contact us and we can quote you on how much it would be to provide any of these great holiday options!

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5 Mouth-watering Holiday Catering Ideas To Inspire Your Event

1. Holiday Breakfast Catering

One of my favorite memories was waking up on the day after Christmas and making breakfast food with my father.

We would make traditional breakfast food, but we would put a “holiday-esque” twist on it.

So, while this may be a personal thing, you can’t say that it’s not a great spin on holiday food!

A great way to pull this off is with your sweet breakfast options.

Here’s some inspiration for your holiday Christmas breakfast food!

  1. Pancakes with strawberry and blueberry compote
  2. Rich and delicious French Toast with fruit
  3. Croissant breakfast sandwiches

While yes, these are breakfast oriented more than Christmas oriented, spicing up the flavor or use of holiday bread (like croissants) can bring your holiday event together.

2. Roasted Turkey Catering

Classic, underrated, and underused in catering.

We cater roasted turkey out to more and more clients during this time of the year, but most people who struggle to cook them well don’t realize you can get great turkey catered!

Catering turkey could be the key to saving yourself the hassle this Christmas, and you can even host your event at The Diner to eliminate all of the setup and clean up.

3. Pot Roast Catering

Another classic option that often goes overlooked for catered holiday events is Pot Roast.

Pot roast allows a classic Christmas dish to be served at your work or family gathering.

It’s wise to ring in the colder months with classic dishes like this, and, again, it saves a lot of the hassle of all day cooking and tedious cleaning.

4. BBQ Holiday Catering

Luckily, living in the south you can pretty much brand trademark cuisines as holiday food solely based on the fact that you live in Texas.

Since this great perk comes with the location you could have BBQ catered to your event without anyone batting an eye!

Have a tender beef brisket, sausage, or smoked turkey catered and enjoy the best food the south has to offer without even lifting a finger.

It’s sure to make a lasting impression on your event’s attendees.

5. Diner Style Cobbler Catering

We wanted to throw out a great dessert option too in our list of 5 great holiday catering options, and what better option than amazing cobbler?

Cobbler offers versatility with different fillings and flavors, and it has the ability to feed large amounts of people!

Throw a scoop of ice cream on top to really knock it out of the park.


Hopefully, you got some great inspiration of what to cater for your upcoming holiday event!

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