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Breakfast Catering Is The Most Important Catering Of The Day

We all revel in the times when we have woken up in the morning, tired and cranky, suddenly delighted by the smell of breakfast waiting.

Even better is finding out that breakfast has been catered.

The picture of a large display of platters full of biscuits, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy, cereal, muffins, oatmeal, pancakes, fruit, milk, juice, donuts, and many other foods and drinks enter my mind.

These were the best days at work or at school, the best part about that mid-grade hotel you stayed at with your parents when you were 10 years old, and the only thing keeping your attention in Sunday-school.

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then I believe that breakfast catering is the most important catering of the day and here is why.


Why Breakfast?

Over and over again science has found many advantages to eating in the A.M.

First of all, eating breakfast will jump-start your metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout your day.

In addition, breakfast can:

        - Lower BMI
        - Cut down fat consumption
        - Help you meet recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption
        - Increase daily calcium intake
        - Increase daily fiber intake
        - Improving memory and attention performance

Sounds pretty great, right?

Without eating some type of breakfast, your body will struggle to maintain the energy it requires to complete all of your daily tasks.

Did you realize that breakfast can affect your mood as well?


Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed

Most people find mornings to be the worst part of the day.

If you are not a morning person, it can be hard to climb out of bed and get ready.

You are either tired and cranky because you didn't get enough sleep or it is just the fact that you have to go back to work or school.

We all know how we can get "hangry" when we haven't eaten in a while.

Tie that to someone who is sleepy and you have a whole mess of bad moods.

One way to help alleviate the bad morning mood is to make sure and eat a well-rounded breakfast. 

According to Susan Biali, M.D., a well-rounded breakfast should include a balance of proteins and carbohydrates.

Luckily, most breakfast catering will include an array of options making it very easy to balance the proteins and carbohydrates you consume.

If you are leading a class or a presentation early in the morning, and want the attendees to actually pay attention, getting breakfast catered may not be a bad idea.

No one wants an audience of tired and cranky people.

After consuming breakfast, not only will their moods improve but their overall ability to concentrate and understand will improve as well.


Stress Management

If you aren't cranky in the morning, most likely you still experience some type of stress.

Life is busy and if the morning isn't started right, it could screw up the rest of the day.

Let's return to the office presentation example.

By providing breakfast, not only will it make the attendees happier and more attentive, it will greatly reduce stress giving them the opportunity to really take in what you are presenting wholeheartedly.

Not all business presentations include good news, so keeping stress levels down is so important for rational decision-making and cordial interactions.

You won't get anywhere with your presentation if everyone is argumentative and irritable, thinking about all the tasks they must complete after the presentation is over.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Catering, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, greatly increases the overall mood of the attendees and the event.

Breakfast catering, in particular, has the upper hand out of the other meal times.

Starting your morning off with a well-rounded breakfast will increase happiness, decrease stress, increase attentiveness, and decrease appetite.

These benefits stretch beyond the morning and continue for the rest of the day.

For that fact alone, breakfast catering is and always will be the best catering of the day.

Well, let's not forget bacon. That's pretty important too. 

Bon Appétit!

Want to surprise your office with breakfast catering? Or keep your students awake and attentive with muffins and coffee?

We can help - breakfast is what we are known for!

Check out our menu  to see what we have to offer, or click the link below to get in touch and we will respond asap! 

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