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How to Create a Healthy Wedding Menu Your Guests Will Love

In today's world, the dieting fad is larger than ever.

There are new dieting plans coming out every day claiming to be the one that works.

There are also people making long-term dieting changing such as vegans or vegetarians.

With all this variety and popularity there is a high chance that some people you invited to your wedding have taken on some of these diets or dietary changes.

How do you even begin to accommodate?

In this article, I am going to discuss 4 ways that you can cut the calories on your wedding menu while simultaneously offering alternative food options for those on more intensive diets.

Let's get started!


Out With The Old, In With The New

1. The Appetizers - appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, and finger foods are notorious for being delicious but very unhealthy. To combat this maybe try switching the bread and butter for some carrots and celery with low-fat dip options. Or maybe try something light like smoked salmon with yams. If you are wanting to offer a sweeter option, try some fresh fruit on skewers. You want to make sure that whatever you offer for the finger foods is not too heavy or filling to make sure the guests maintain an appetite until the main entree.  

2. The Main Course - choosing a main course is the most difficult decision because it is the heart of the meal, so you want to get it right. If you know that people are attending your wedding with alternative diets, plan to have a way that the main course can be altered to fit their needs. For example, a simple grilled chicken dish with roasted veggies can be easily transformed into tofu with roasted veggies for the vegans and vegetarians attending. Another idea is to offer a buffet style meal with many different options. This is the best and most efficient way to please your guests. Replacing your proteins such as beef and pork with fish like Tilapia can also lower the calories and leave your guests feeling full but not stuffed. Lastly, you should consider a salad bar if you are not interested in altering the entree.

3. The Dessert - as much as I would like to advise just scratching the dessert, it is inevitable that guests would be disappointed at the fact that it wasn't offered. Instead of getting rid of the sweets consider offering them in very small portions to help pace the eating. This will also avoid food waste by not giving every guest a huge slice of cake that they would never be able to finish. Another option is to offer a large fruit bouquet. This will make it possible for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy dessert.

4. The Drinks - some of the best parts about wedding receptions are the free drinks and open bar, but the calories consumed are not. Some of the prettiest drinks can have as much sugar and carbs as coke. If you are adamant about having alcohol at your wedding, there are so many "skinny" drink recipes online to choose from. This will give alternative options to those guests who are trying to avoid sugar. 


In Conclusion

It is so important to create a menu that not only tastes delicious, but that leaves the guests feeling good and ready for more. 

Before planning the menu find out how many guests are attending that may have more or different dietary needs.

Decide what you want and what you can compromise on to fulfill those needs the best you can.

Remember, though, that you may not be able to accommodate for everyone's varying dietary preferences and that is ok.

This is your wedding day, not theirs.

Planning your wedding and looking for the perfect menu to make your day special? 

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