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How To Hire The Perfect Caterer For Your Corporate Event

You just received a task at work to plan a corporate event happening next month.

Part of that of planning includes choosing the location, the decorations, and the catering.

You are nervous because a lot is riding on the success of this event and a lot of important people will be present.

With so many things to do, the last thing on your mind is making sure you find the right catering company for the job.

Where do you even begin?

Here are 5 tips, in no particular order, to help you find the absolute perfect caterer for your corporate event.

1. Get A Headcount

Before even talking to a caterer get an accurate headcount or at least a close estimation.

The worst thing you can do is be under the estimated amount, leaving some guests without food.

This is not only embarrassing but could be potentially damaging on your reputation or the reputation of the department you represent.

Not to mention, it makes the catering company look unprofessional and unprepared for the event.

This is an all-around huge mistake that can be easily avoided.

Getting a proper headcount will help catering companies give you an accurate estimate of the costs.

Most likely you are limited to a specific budget, so having an idea of what a company would charge will help you decide if they are the right fit.

2. Find A Detail-Oriented Caterer

A corporate event can either be make-it or break-it.

Your boss, your boss' boss, and other top-ranking executives will be there, and some of them come with special preferences and varying dietary habits.

With so many details to remember, choosing a caterer who is willing to go out of their way to get every detail right is so important.

You want a caterer that listens to you.

Not one that will tell you what you want, but actually ask and deliver in every way.

3. Provide A Variety

Unlike a wedding, the food isn't about you but strictly about the guests.

A corporate event is likely to draw a large number of people, all with different taste buds.

Don't forget that in today's world more and more people are adopting dietary restrictions, so don't forget to provide options for those who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-intolerant, and have celiac disease.

Giving the guests a large variety of food is the best way to ensure everyone is satisfied and has the options they need.

4. Professional Service

Catering isn't just about the food, but also the people who made and serve it.

With so many important people present, you want only the best service from each and every member of the catering team.

This includes the servers' demeanor, language, and even what they are wearing.

No one wants to be served by someone who looks unhappy or angry, won't look you in the eye, and carries themselves as if they don't care to be there.

You want a caterer that will provide outgoing and happy servers who look proud to be there, staying alert for any opportunities to help.

Most corporate events are very formal, so servers should be dressed up in nice matching attire such as all black dress clothes or a button-up with a tie.

Making sure your guests feel like royalty at your event will leave a lasting impression.

5. Go With The Buffet

No matter what the corporate event is, whether a dinner party, awards ceremony or even training, it is still all about business.

To make sure that there is time for business to get done you need to make the feeding process as efficient as possible.

The answer? Buffet-style.

Not only do most people prefer a buffet, but it is also the fastest way to get food to every person.

It also gives the guests the freedom to choose what they want, how they want it, and exactly how much they want.

Make sure the buffet is double-sided because no one likes a long line.

Check with your potential caterers to make sure that a buffet is even an option.

Making a Decision

Planning a corporate event is difficult, it is even more difficult making it a success.

Getting the catering right plays a huge role in how successful the night is.

I don't know about you but I will judge an event solely on the food and service, no matter how good or bad the actual event is.

Take these 5 tips to heart when you are evaluating caterers for your next big corporate event.

Nailing it in these areas is a straight shot to a successful event and overall reputation boost for not only yourself but your company.

Happy planning!

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